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日本の伝統文化 武道 自然と遊ぶ体験プログラムJapanese traditional culture, martial arts, experience program to play with nature



​ 合気道最大の特色は「争わない」ことを目的としているため、試合がないということです。稽古では入身と転換の体捌きと呼吸力を理合に則った動きにより、集中力・体幹力を少しずつ高めていきます。老若男女を問わず10代から70代の幅広い年代の方々へ、健康・体力作りにお勧めします。

What is Aikido? Aikido is a modern martial art whose founder, Morihei Ueshiba, mastered the secrets of traditional Japanese martial arts and developed it from a technique to a path through rigorous spiritual training.Aikido was established as a specialty in Tokyo in the early Showa period. It all began with the establishment of a dojo and efforts to popularize and develop Aikido. The most distinctive feature of Aikido is that there are no matches, as the aim is to “not fight.” During training, we will gradually improve our concentration and core strength through rational movement of entry and transformation, and breathing power. We recommend it to people of all ages, from teenagers to those in their 70s, to improve their health and stamina.

弓道 kyudo & syodo


Japanese Kyudo emphasizes etiquette, maintains a unified mind, and makes each arrow hit the target. It is a martial art with spiritual training elements. Kyudo is a unique exercise that can be done without an opponent, and it can be done regardless of age, gender, and physical strength. You can start practicing without any questions. When learning archery, it is important to learn basic body posture and movements as well as archery techniques. It is important. Kyudo is the “way of courtesy” and “the way of benevolence.” The path of archery begins and ends with a bow, Shooting is the way to do yourself right, and even if you fail or are rude, you will not hate others. It is taught that there is no path. “It’s a mistake not to correct your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to correct your mistakes.” “Shooting is to seek what is right within oneself. If one is right, one’s heart is pure.” Therefore, shooting a bow does not mean aiming to hit the target. As a result of an arrow fired with all sincerity, It can be said that you are shooting in search of hitting the target.


また、杖道の理念は「傷つけず 人を懲らして 戒しむる」と平和的であり、現代に相応しい武道といえます。
jodo is a martial art that uses a round white oak stick with a length of 4 shaku 2 sun 1 minute (approximately 128 cm) and a diameter of 8 minutes, approximately 2.4 cm. It is a modern martial art based on the ancient martial art “Shinto Musou-ryu Jojutsu”. Rather than using techniques freely like in kendo, techniques are applied according to a set pattern. It is a type of martial arts. The cane is made of log wood and does not have a blade. Taking advantage of this feature, there are a wide variety of ever-changing techniques that combine elements of a spear, a naginata, and a long sword. In addition, the philosophy of Jodo is peaceful, “to punish and admonish others without hurting them,” and it can be said to be a martial art suitable for modern times. Because Jodo is a kata martial art, it does not require any protective gear and can be practiced by people of all ages, genders, heights, and weights.

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